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The only control key is Space Bar. This makes you accelerate upwards.
At the start of each level you will see a password run across the bottom of the screen. This can be used in the password entry screen, which you get to by pressing 'P' on the title screen. Nb. At any time you can press F2 to get back to the title screen.
On any level you can press F4 to use the level skipper. This allows you to skip from the current level to the next one. However to discourage you from doing this too often to get past the level skipper you must press the Up and Down arrows repetitively until each number is greater than 100 (this takes five minutes). This game takes a while to load up, but is well worth it.
The aim, quite simply is to find Tom (Tommy) hidden amongst the fake Tom's. Tom is easily recogined because he is wearing a red tie, and is facing in the opposite direction to his copies.
Once you have found Tom click on him and you should be given a congratulations screen. If you can't find him then press the Space Bar to reveal where the real Tom was hiding. This game started out as an attempt to remake the classic BBC/Acorn game Painter. However it soon developed into a game which doesn't really resemble Painter much, it's probably nearer to PacMan.
You have to control the red square with Z, X, / and ' around the maze to turn all the squares red. There is a bad guy green circle which will kill you if it touches you.
That's about it really, except there's a really cool music selection bit which allows you to choose you favourite choones, accessed by pressing M from the Title Screen. Left and right click on the circles on the left of the screen to select the tunes you want. You can listen to the tunes by left clicking on the musical notes down the right hand side. This is the first serious attempt at a really good game. Barring some of the graphics it is a fairly well rounded game. It isn't however yet finished - it only goes up to about level 3.
You control Agent Trev on a mission to do standard Secret Agent style tasks - including lots of killing. The keys are the arrow keys to move about, shift to fire and \ to change weapon. You can also use the number keys to change weapons, but I don't think this is particularly easy. Any time you need to do something which isn't shoot it can be done by changing weapon to the dagger symbol and using the action key (eg. blowing up the communications in the first level).
When you complete a level you will be issued with a set of four numbers which act as a password. If you reload the game you can get back to where you were by entering them into the passnumber input screen. The game will hopefully now remember the last set of numbers you were issued with (or you typed in) until you go to the password screen. This obviously won't work if you close down the browser and come back later.

This game has been updated, and I haven't had chance to play test it much. Any problems please let me know. If you have any suggestions for improvements then please email them to me. This is a simple game based on the life of the racehorse, who must get to the toilet at least once an hour. This coincides conveniently with the five periods of a school day, and the racehorse must avoid chatting to his friends, getting flamed by teachers, or getting caught by the dreaded Mrs Pearce. If the racehorse fails to get to the toilet in time an embarasing scene will be caused.
The keys are the left and right arrows, and shift to jump, and ctrl to throw cards (once you've picked them up). Jumping Jack was a game I was told about by my main man Jenny, while out and about counting recycling boxes. She described the game in detail, and I feel I've successfully ignored all of them.
You play as Jack and have to jump up the platforms to get to the top of each level. There is a level selection screen which shows your progress through the game. Normally completing a level will give you an option of levels to attempt next.
Remember to note down your password so you can continue from however far through the game you got.
The keys are left and right arrows, and SHIFT to jump.

Modulo:13 accepts very little responsibility for these games, or the Vitalize plugin, not working. As of yet I have had no problems with anything.