Sam Rolls Another Phat One

Title Artist
Country Roads Hermes House Band
Just The Way You Are Milky
Uncle John From Jamaica VengaBoys
The Logical Song Scooter
Oops, Oh My (Nb. This is an illegal MP3, but since no one seems to have a midi of it I've added a load of errors to this to make it hopefully unusable :-P ) Tweet
Heaven DJ Sammy
The Tide Is High Atomic Kitten
Rhinestone Cowboy Ricky and DAZ
Wizzy Wow Blackstreet
Help! I'm A Fish Little Trees
Barbie Girl Aqua
Dilemma Nelly And Kelly
Fast Food Song Fast Food Rockers
Wannabe Spice Girls
I'm Like A Bird Nelly Retard-o
All The Things She Said Tatu
No Scrubs TLC
Family Affair Mary J. Bilge
If You Had My Love Jennifer Lopez
Survivor Destiny's Child
Fluffy Little Clouds (Nb. This is also an illegal MP3. This time I performed an invertible opperation on the wave, so it hasn't really lost any information. Grat.) The Orb

If you think Sam has missed one of his top anthems from this list then please get his approval by emailing him here

Sam surprisingly owns very few of the above, and would consequently be very happy if people were to buy them for him.

Failing that he would appreciate it, if they could hum part of one of these at him repetitively when he's looking unhappy.