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I was thinking this evening that we needed one of those. Can we have an option of choosing who gets a line?
Mr. Happy - 10/2/2005 00:42 -
Yes. If you can't work out how, you don't deserve to know...
Rich - 10/2/2005 01:02 -
but that required navigating around the rest of your site. No-one does that.

Actually, to begin with it involved typing into the address bar...
Mr. Happy - 10/2/2005 09:24 -

Who's been posting a lot more this year?
t - 10/2/2005 10:01 -
It's not very clear, but the first graph is mine and the second is Jonn's. You can see it better if you look at the full size pictures.
t - 10/2/2005 10:03 -

Check Spelling Check Syntax